Education Policy

Human Development

Delivery Approaches and Bureaucracies

A research study on the delivery of education governance reforms in Punjab

Dr. Rabea Malik Dr. Faisal Bari Dr. Daniel Rogger, World Bank Dr. Saad Gulzar, Princeton University

Human Development

Evaluation of the Punjab Education Sector Program II (PESP2)

FCDO funded evaluation of PESP II in partnership with OPM

Dr. Rabea Malik Dr. Faisal Bari

Human Development

Teaching Effectively All Children (TEACh)

How can we make sure that education is inclusive of diverse backgrounds?

Dr. Rabea Malik Dr. Faisal Bari Dr. Pauline Rose Dr. Nidhi Singal Dr. Lydia Whitaker Dr. Ana Vignoles Dr. Monazza Aslam Dr. Shenila Rawal Anuradha De, CORD Meera Samson, CORD

Human Development

School Leadership

The project combines survey and interview methods to understand the institutional environment school leaders operate...

Dr. Rabea Malik Dr. Faisal Bari Amal Aslam

Human Development

Non-Salary Budget Pakistan 2017-18

This research presents the details of the NSB formula revision exercise

Dr. Faisal Bari Dr. Rabea Malik Amal Aslam

Human Development

Public Private Partnerships in Education: Evidence from Pakistan

This report examines the effectiveness of PPPs in the deliver of education reforms

Dr. Faisal Bari Dr. Rabea Malik Dr. Monazza Aslam Dr. Rehana Riffat Raza

Human Development

Analysing the Market for Shadow Education

Does Private Tuition Affect the Learning Gap Between Private and Public Schools?

Bisma Haseeb Khan Sahar Amjad Sheikh