Evaluation of the Punjab Education Sector Program II

Project Duration: 2017 to 2020

As part of a consortium with our partners Oxford Policy Management (OPM) and Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR), IDEAS conducted a performance evaluation of DFID’s PESP II education programme in Punjab.

This evaluation began in August 2017 and was completed in March 2020. The approach involved producing two Interim Evaluation Reports, and then a Final Evaluation Report. Each round of the evaluation included an assessment of overall progress with education in Punjab, as well as evaluation of specific components of DFID’s support.

In the first phase of the evaluation, IDEAS undertook three activities. First, we led an extremely thorough analysis of the quality of data on the education system in Punjab, as well as an assessment of key trends and issues based on analysis of this data. Second, we mapped and reviewed reforms and issues in education policy initiatives in Punjab. Third, we conducted a case study of DFID support focused on technical assistance for teacher training in Punjab.

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