EGAP Metaketa V: Women’s Action Committees and Local Services

Project Duration: 2022 to 2024

The EGAP Metaketa V: Women’s Action Committees and Local Services project is conducting a field experiment on developing women’s collective efficacy for local political participation in Pakistan. The study is being conducted as part of a set of five coordinated field experiments across Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Vietnam through the EGAP Metaketa V initiative. The common treatment implemented across all countries involves a set of facilitated trainings delivered to women’s groups aimed to increase their gender-based collective efficacy.

The study will evaluate the effect of this treatment on outcomes related to women’s political participation and political responsiveness to their demands for local public service delivery. In addition, the study will also test effectiveness of a cross-randomized individual-level intervention involving messaging emphasizing the benefits of women’s collective action in recruiting women to join these groups.