Dr. Rabea Malik

CEO & Research Fellow

Ph.D: University of Cambridge M.Phil. Education: University of Cambridge

Dr. Rabea Malik is the CEO and a Research Fellow at IDEAS Pakistan. Dr. Rabea’s substantive interests lie in the areas of sociology of education and political economy of education reform in low-income country contexts. She has a background in policy analysis using mixed methods and research on markets, and inequities in school choice and parental participation.

Dr. Rabea Malik’s current research interests include marketization of primary and secondary education; inclusive education; and school based management. She has conducted policy research studies on the education-poverty nexus in low-income country contexts, the political economy of aid for development, and alternative service delivery mechanisms in education. Dr. Rabea has also been involved with a multi-year, multi-country research consortium on outcomes of education, where she conducted qualitative research on areas including health and fertility outcomes, and skill acquisition and its impact on lives and livelihoods in Pakistan. She is currently conducting a mixed-methods study on school based management and public private partnerships in education, which is being funded by DFID.