Social Exclusion And Marginalization

Sustaining Power: Women’s Struggles Against Backlash in Contemporary South Asia

How Women’s Struggles in Pakistan and South Asia Srategize Against Contemporary Backlash to Sustain Power

Dr. Shandana Khan Mohmand Maryam S. Khan

Governance and Political Economy

EGAP Metaketa V: Gender, Collective Action, and Local Services in Pakistan

How can women be better mobilized to participate in consultative processes that would likely improve...

Dr. Ali Cheema Dr. Sarah Khan Dr. Shandana Khan Mohmand Dr. Soledad Artiz Prillaman

Human Development

Gender, Class and Social Norms

To what extent and for whom does education contribute to upward social mobility and changing...

Dr. Rabea Malik Dr. Tayyaba Tamim

Governance and Political Economy

Exercising Her Right: Civic and Political Pathways to Women’s Political Participation in Pakistan

This project sets out to design and evaluate the effectiveness of strategies to increase women’s...

Dr. Ali Cheema Dr. Shandana Khan Mohmand Dr. Sarah Khan