Victimization, Citizen Engagement and Policing in Lahore

Published - Nov 1, 2017

The main objective of this report is to provide evidence about victimization and the costs associated with the criminal justice system that are borne by citizens of Lahore. We also review secondary evidence on the effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

This analysis is important because the Government of Punjab is in the process of scaling-up a number of ambitious measures to increase the efficiency of the system and reduce its costs for victims of crime that include: the computerized complaint handling system, the automated police station record management system, the automated beat book management system, an integrated call- for-service system, a smart phone-based crime mapping app and citizen feedback mechanisms.

The current report presents rigorous and original evidence on the incidence and pattern of victimization and public safety, the costs associated with victimization, the place-based correlates of victimization and the challenges and costs of mediating the criminal justice system for victims. The report compares the victimization rate in Lahore with rates in other global cities for which similar data is available.


Zulfiqar Hameed

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Cheema, A., Naseer, F., & Hameed, Z. (2017). Victimization, Citizen Engagement and Policing in Lahore. Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS).

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