Identifying Disability in Household Surveys: Evidence on Education Access and Learning for Children with Disabilities in Pakistan

Published - Feb 1, 2018

This policy brief presents key findings from data on education of children with disabilities in Pakistan with respect to both access and learning. It draws on data from on-going research as part of the ESRC-DFID funded Teaching Effectively All Children (TEACh) project, along with data from ASER Pakistan.

The aims of this policy brief are to:


Dr. Pauline Rose REAL Centre, University of Cambridge
Dr. Nidhi Singhal REAL Centre, University of Cambridge

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Bari, F., Malik, R., Kamran, S., Rose, P., Singal, N., 2018. Identifying disability in household surveys: Evidence on education access and learning for children with disabilities in Pakistan. Policy Paper No. 18/1. REAL Centre, University of Cambridge. 10.5281/zenodo.1247087

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