Deliver Ed Policy Brief 1: The Challenge of Delivering for Learning

Published - Jan 31, 2021

Low-performing education systems are failing more than half of the world’s children. Many well-designed education reforms are hindered by implementation challenges, which exacerbate the global learning crisis.
• Education sector planning has improved, but implementation has not
• Big picture visions are not yielding results

A delivery approach is an institutional unit or process that is used by governments to improve their performance when delivering services and implementing policy.
• These include delivery units, delivery labs, and other homegrown solutions
• Delivery approaches have been used in over 40 national and subnational governments worldwide

This policy brief was written by Kate Anderson and Celeste Carano of the Education Commission as the first in a series for the DeliverEd initiative. It draws from the working paper:

Williams, Martin J., Clare Leaver, Zahra Mansoor, Dana Qarout, and Anna Bilous (University of Oxford), Karen Mundy, Minahil Asim, and Sheena Bell (University of Toronto). Forthcoming. “Delivery Approaches to Improving Policy Implementation: A Conceptual Framework.” Working Paper for the DeliverEd Initiative. New York: Education Commission.