A Forecasting Model of Punjab Revenue and Spending

Published - Jul 1, 2016

This paper develops a forecasting model of Punjab’s revenues, expenditures and fiscal deficit for FY2013/14 to FY2019/20. The main purpose is to make the budget more intelligible and to develop insights into the constituents of the provincial budget for students of economics and others with an interest in public finance but who find the budgets inscrutable. The paper can be treated as a manual to accompany the online interactive forecasting-tool for Punjab budget.The paper and its companion online app should also assist policy makers in simulating alternative scenarios by altering the assumptions that underlie the model in this paper.


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Nasim, A. (2016, July). A Forecasting Model of Punjab Revenue and Spending Woring Paper No. 02/16. Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS).

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