Raising Awareness about Down Syndrome

Feb 7, 2024

In this video podcast, IDEAS CEO & Senior Research Fellow Dr. Faisal Bari speaks with Tabish Shahzad, CEO of the Karachi Down Syndrome Program (KDSP) about the scope of services and support offered by KDSP to children and families with Down Syndrome in Pakistan. KDSP is a non-profit organization, launched in March 2014 by a group of concerned parents and passionate individuals who due to limited support and resources available locally, realized a need for a platform for those with Down syndrome. KDSP was formed with the mission to advocate the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome living in Karachi and aims to provide them with the opportunity to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

This podcast is part of the ‘Disability & Education’ research project housed under IDEAS and spearheaded by Dr. Faisal Bari. Bookmark the project page on the IDEAS website for more resources: https://ideasdev.org/human-development/disabilities/